Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead of time do I need to confirm/book my order?

While we would love to accommodate everyone we always suggest that you book your rentals as soon as possible. Once you have paid the deposit and thereby confirmed your order, the rentals are reserved for you. Usually for weddings, corporate events and festivals that involve a large tent or multiple tents we recommend that you book at least 2 months in advance. While for smaller orders booking 2 weeks in advance is usually enough time.

When will my order be delivered?

We usually deliver party rental equipment and/or install tents one business day prior to your event. Delivery and pick up date is always specified on your quote/rental agreement.

My event is on Sunday, if you deliver on Friday will I be charged for the extra day?

No. We only charge a one day rental for weekend events. Products are delivered and tents are installed on Friday and picked up on the Monday or the next business day.

Will you bring the party rental equipment into my house?

Party rental equipment needs to be delivered to a ground level dock or area easily accessible to our trucks.  For private residences our delivery staff will bring the rental product to a garage or front porch or into the front foyer. Due to liability issues they are NOT permitted to bring the rental goods up or down the stairs or into any other rooms of your home.

Can you deliver or pick up at a specific time?

We do our best to deliver to you in a timely manner. However, we don’t always have full control over this due to weather conditions and traffic.  You will be given a time window for morning or afternoon delivery which we will do our best to abide by.

Is there a Delivery or Pick Up service after hours or on a holidays?

Requests for after hours pick up or delivery need to be made in advance and there is usually a surcharge for this service.

What is your cancellation policy?

a) Tent Rentals: All tent rental orders require a minimum $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to confirm the order. There will be no further charge for cancellation 2 weeks prior to scheduled delivery.  However cancellations within 2 weeks of the delivery date will be charged 20% of the total order.  No cancellations are possible within 7 days (one calendar week) of the delivery date.

b) Party Rentals:  You can make changes to your order up to 7 calendar days prior to delivery.  However cancellations within 7 days prior to delivery date will be charged 50% of the total order.  No cancellations are possible within 3 business days of the delivery date and all orders must be paid in full.

Do you set up tables and chairs?

Usually we do not set up table and chair rentals.  Set up of table and chair rentals is usually done by the client themselves or by decorators hired independently by them.  However there is the possibility of us setting up and dismantling the tables and chairs. You will need to contact our customer service staff well in advance, and request this service, so they can give you a price quotation accordingly. If this has not been arranged in advance then our delivery staff will leave all party rental equipment neatly stacked for you to set up. Similarly unless you have made prior arrangements for dismantling the tables and chairs, you will need to leave all rental goods dismantled and neatly stacked, as received, for our delivery staff to pick up.

Do I have to clean/wash the dishes or glasses or linen rentals?

a) Dishes and glasses – We wash and sanitize these in house. This is the best part about party rentals! However we ask you to kindly scrape off all food debris and make sure glasses are empty. You are required to then place all the dishes, cutlery and glasses back in the containers that we delivered them in.

b) Linen: -We wash and press the linen in our warehouse. Please do not wash these. Kindly shake them off to remove any decorations or food debris and fold them and keep in a dry place so our staff can pick them up

What happens in the event of breakage or loss or damage to goods?

The client is responsible for any breakage or damage to goods. We charge a security deposit at the time of order placement for dishes, glassware or linen.  This is returned to you if all these items are returned in good order. However damaged or lost items are subject to further replacement charges if so required. Feel free to call or email us for more details regarding this.

What are the Payment Terms?

Full payment needs to be made before or at time of delivery. No goods will be delivered until payment is made. You may pay by credit card, debit or cash.

What size tent rental do I need for my particular function?

Please refer to our Frame Tent Size and Pricing Chart as well as the Pole Tent Size and Pricing Chart to get an idea of what size tent is best for you. You may also call us and speak with our experienced and knowledgeable staff to make this decision easy for you.