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Tent Heaters – Forced Air

There’s no reason to worry about getting chilly as we’ve got tent heaters available to ensure you and your guests stay warm and comfortable!


Tent Floor

Tent Floor :    No chairs digging in the ground.  Your guests wearing heels will thank you! $0.80/ sq ft


String lights

These pretty string or cafe lights help enhance that warm and special ambience.  We added these mainly for our  tents because of a lot of demand from our customers. The wire is white and thus merges with the white tents leaving the bulbs to sparkle. However they could be installed on a patio too.   […]

Rope Lighting

These rope lights are a great addition to outdoor or indoor decor.  Perfect to put up on a fence, edge of the roof or the edge of the tent top.  Sometimes it just takes a little touch to add that glam to your event. $1 / foot

Music Light

Our LED Music light produces beautiful coloured lighting changes and strobe effects suitable for all your parties and entertainment venues. It has adjustable sound sensitivity settings to sync perfectly with your music selection.


Love Marquee Sign

White metal Love Marquee Sign 3ft x 1 ft $20


Garbage Bin

If you’re looking to keep your event clean and free of litter, we’ve got you covered! Includes clean garbage bag.


Fog Machine

Create that dreamy atmosphere by renting our fog machine.  Fluid Included.