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Are you in charge of planning a large celebration, like a birthday party, wedding or business event? Have you considered renting out a tent for your event? Here is why you should!

No Matter The Occasion, We’ve Got A Tent For You!

Adding a party tent is the perfect way to give your event a personal touch and a unique flair. No matter the occasion, be it a glamorous wedding, a kid’s birthday party, or even an anniversary, a tent is a sure way to make your party stand out from the rest!

We have a large in-house inventory and offer a wide variety of tent styles and sizes, ranging from compact 10’ by 10’s to festival-sized 40’ by 100’s. Whatever your vision is, we have you covered (literally!)

I’m Not Sure What Kind Of Tent I’ll Need For My Event

When you are stuck on about what style and size of the tent will be best suited for your event, sitting down with a knowledgeable tent consultant is key. With our years of expert experience in the party industry, we have helped people pull off even the craziest of parties. Tents are extremely versatile and purposeful for any event; you just have to find your perfect fit, and we are here to help you.

What Can I Do To Make My Event Memorable?

Ever skip an outdoor event because of the rain or gloomy weather? By providing your guests with coverage from all elements, you don’t need to worry about mother nature anymore! You can decorate the inside of your tent with cute lights or bright decorations to add colour and make the event memorable no matter what’s going on outside.

We all know that an outdoor party can feel extremely spaced out, especially if it’s happening in a big field or park. A tent is a great way to make your guests feel closer together and for an intimate event like a wedding, having privacy is key. For all other events, we’ve seen our clients use tents to create separate areas for entertainment, catering, and dining so you can guide your guests as you’d like.

What Is The Process For Renting A Tent?

To ensure that you can focus on your guests and on making long-lasting memories, leave all the legwork to us, by using our delivery and installation service. To relieve any undue stress, we recommend booking your tent rental two months in advance for larger events and three weeks in advance for smaller events.

At The Party Centre, we provide great quality party supplies and will make your planning process easier. Get in touch with us today to discuss your outdoor tent rental needs.

Corporate Events & Festivals

Our tents provide a festive and professional atmosphere for any sized corporate function or festival, ensuring a memorable event for your guests. A tent can perform a variety of roles including hospitality, first aid facilities, and vendor displays. Many businesses love to show their appreciation for employees and customers alike with outdoor events such as BBQs, which are perfect to host with tents in the summer and warmer months.

Weddings & Parties

Whether a formal religious ceremony, a wedding, or a casual get-together, spending it under The Party Centre’s tents will create an intimate and warm atmosphere that will create unforgettable memories for your guests. Explore our wide collection of different sizes and styles of tents and other party equipment.

Long Term Rentals & Sales

If you require tents on a long-term basis, we offer specially discounted long-term rental rates. This is an ideal option if you are planning on hosting many events for customers or employees, or if you are hosting a festival that spreads out in weeks. Please contact us for information on tent purchasing or long-term rental.