Chafing Dish

A definite must for all events serving foods.  Keep your entrees warm or take burgers off the barbecue and keep warm in these life saving food warmer.  Not only do they look elegant and festive, they keep your food hot for hours.  Our chafing dishes / food warmers come with an 8 qt pan.  You can either put the food directly into the pan or if your food comes out of the oven in a foil tray, you could even place the tray in the pan if it fits.  They also come with  and 2 sternos / burners that will run for a good 3-4 hours to ensure that the food stays hot. Two burners are included in the rental price of $19.95.

We also have accessories available to ensure your food is always served up hot!

Extra 1/2 pans – $3.95/pair
Extra sterno (4 hour) – $2.50 each
Sterno 12 pack – $24.95





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