Best ideas for your next Halloween party

Want to host a hell of a Halloween shindig? Try these fun and creepy ideas for a smashing, spooky and downright horrific Halloween bash:

  1. Decorations:

    The fun of Halloween lies in celebrating with loved ones amidst a marvelously terrifying ambiance. So, first things first; work to build a killing theme for your party venue. To give your guests the chills try these eerie decor ideas:

  • Harry Potter

This one never gets old; invite your guests to a venue that is haunted and magical! Place things like cobwebs, blood stains, a coffin drink holder, antique candle stands, scary pumpkins, rubber spiders, an enchanted harp, etc. You can place cobwebs with net cloth and then hang strings from it for a dramatic appeal maybe some drops of blood here and there and a dedicated family member or friend who agrees to wear a white sheet and step out to scare people as they party.

  • The Bloody Vampire:

When you think about Dracula you picture a caped figure with elongated teeth, an eerie crow’s cackle, dead bodies, a chilling set of medieval china with deadly ingredients, zombies, werewolves and vampires. Conjure all these up for this year’s mash. Place a cape over your coat hanger and place a carved pumpkin with Dracula’s teeth with red paint racing down on the side. Set a lavish vintage style table with fake spiders and worms over it, red coloured drinks in wine glasses, a hand protruding through your trick or treat stack. Dim the lights or use candles to lighten the venue. Tilt your wall paintings a little for a demented look and drape them with a white chiffon cloth. Maybe a mannequin with laces strapped around it to welcome your guests.

  • Creepy Forest:

Embrace the cold season and sprinkle your venue with frosty flowers, pine cones and cover your furniture with wood coloured burlap and accent it with leaves. You can invite your guests to a dark forest infested with mystical creatures by placing a stuffed cat with a witch’s hat, an ignoramus stuffed python and if you can’t find one use black cloth and twirl it around the party venue and fashion a face on one side with red eyes. Use a decomposed torso or a skeleton figure as the dead who roam the forest. Also, add as many animals as you can such as owls, bears, etc and make them terrifying to behold.

  1. Food:

Magnify your Halloween theme with food items that are simply to die for. Make sure you stick to age appropriate recipes.

  • Appetizers:dreamstime_xs_62197208

Thrill guests with appetizers like gooey eye balls made from hard boiled eggs, cheddar and chive pumpkin cheese balls and ghostly toastie.

  • Main Course:

You can go for devilish eggs, cauldron curry or bloody spaghetti and meatballs by serving reddish spaghetti topped with Alfredo sauce. Serve your main course with sausage mummies, spooky coffin chicken sandwiches, and salad to have happy and horrified guests in one shot!

  • Drinks:

Come up with fleshly colored red, green or blue cocktails like rum punch, grasshopper, purple potion punch, etc. Make sure you stick to age appropriate recipes.

  • Desserts:

From dark chocolate coffin cake to bloody eyeball brownies with cranberry sauce –the spooky dessert choices for any theme can’t go wrong with these scrumptiously creepy desserts.  Delight with yummy witch cookies, nightmarish smores and spider cupcakes


3. Games:

Entertain your guests with the following Halloween themed games:

  • Murder Mystery:

You can do so by holding a classic murder mystery party where guests take on roles from a murder mystery. Let your guests know about their roles before the party so they are prepared to act them out. All guests will have to question each other to find out who commited the homicide.

  • Potions:

Use the Potion game as an icebreaker where each beverage has a message on it and whoever drinks it has to do what is written, such as describe your most embarrassing moment to the person you are talking to.

  • Scavenger Hunt:

Divide guests into teams for a frightening scavenger hunt.

  • Monstrous Bowling:

For kids, decorate tin cans with adorably scary faces and let them play a bowling game to see how many they can take down.

4. Music

Send chills through spines with a playlist of ominous song choices:

  1. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”
  2. John Mayer’s “Room for Squares”
  3. Tim McGraw’s “Set this Circus Down”
  4. Evanescence’s “bring me to life”
  5. Boby Pickett’s “Monster Mash”.

Horrify, petrify and amuse your guests with these easy but ghastly Halloween ideas.

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