Your Table Settings Confusions End Here!

Most people are usually wondering where to place the dishes and cutlery on a table.  While trying to create a beautiful tablescape, it is always a good idea to follow a guide to table etiquette. Setting an attractive table is a fantastic way to impress your guests and create an inviting ambience for your party.

For your convenience we have included two diagrams for a formal and informal setting each. Wow your guests and have fun doing so!

7 rules to follow while setting a table


General rules for both formal and informal table settings:

  1. If you are planning a large event then you may need name cards.  These should be placed above the dessert cutlery.
  2. Silverware should be placed in the order of use, from the outside in.
  3. Flatware should be a ½ inch apart from each other.
  4. Forks are placed on the left-hand side of the plate whereas spoons and knives are placed on the right-hand side of the dinner plate.
  5. Glassware should be placed on the right side, above the spoons and knives.
  6.  Dinner plates and bowls must be placed within 2 inches of each other.
  7. The napkin is placed to the left of the fork or on top of the plate. It can also go under the fork.


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